Analysis Of The Secret Life Of Babies

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I found the “Secret Life of Babies” video interesting throughout. The first thing that I did not know what when babies are born the hole in the bottom of their heart closes, a procedure that can only be done on adults with open heart surgery. I never knew this before. Babies can swim, I had also thought babies could not swim. When you see a baby you do not think they would be able to, so to see this was shocking to me. Toward the end of the film when they showed Georgie who could not walk yet due to Cerebral Palsy but she could swim I found interesting. This is something else I would never think if because you cannot move your legs well or at all how can you swim?
When babies are in the NICU they sometimes turn the temperature down to hypothermal
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Most had the same things in common, people do not know the facts and are listening to others who are going off their own beliefs. Jenny McCarthy is one of the people other are believing though she is not a doctor. Linking autism to vaccines in another thing most had in common. There is no scientific evidence that autism is linked to childhood vaccinations. According to the New York Times article more than 15 million children took part in a research study and no one could find a link to autism form vaccines. Andrew Wakefield fabricated the study that link autism to vaccines according to today many are still scared because of this, others are not reading or listening to the facts on childhood …show more content…
These articles talk about how many think we are over vaccinating children. In the 1980s seven vaccines contained thousands of antigens but today it’s less than three hundred fifteen. Today we have forgotten what diseases these vaccines help forget like the measles look like and how deadly they can be. From 1990-1994 forty five children died from chicken pox, from 2003-2007 only ten there was only ten reported deaths. All vaccines save lives.
Unvaccinated people do not think of how they can affect other around them. Infants under twelve month and the elderly are at a high risk if they get an infection. The Disneyland outbreak was caused by the anti-vaccination movement. Parents do not think about how their children not be vaccinated affect others in the school. A child who has cancer cannot get vaccinated so they are relying that the others round them are. If you were part of the anti-vaccination movement you need to read the facts. One mom choose not to vaccine her seven children then one became sick with whopping cough soon the others were as

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