Essay on Analysis Of ' The Season One Finale ' Kurt '

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Homosociality in Glee experiences a dramatic change due to the forming relationship between Kurt and Finn. The season one finale saw Kurt, a theatrical, uniquely dressed gay teen from glee club, moving in with Finn, the straight quarterback of the football team who also sings in the club, after their parents begin dating. While decorating the room, Finn calls Kurt’s decorations “faggy,” to which Kurt’s manly father Burt responds with kicking Finn out of the house (“Theatricality”). The relationship between the two is obviously strained and, in general, portrayed as a more traditional, hateful relationship between straight and gay men. However, with the premier of season two, glee took this complex relationship in a more modern direction. It introduced a complex new system of friendship and opened many doors for homosocial relationships on television. In the fifth episode of the second season, the glee kids are tasked with performing the stage musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Finn discloses with Kurt that he is not comfortable performing in his underwear as he does not feel physically fit (“The Rocky Horror Glee Show”). The close camera angles establish a sense of ‘intimacy’ between them during their conversation. However, this intimacy lacks romantic connotations; it instead portrays a type of agreeance and empathy between the two characters. Perhaps it is to convey that they both feel like an ‘other’ in society due to their inability to conform to gender stereotypes.…

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