Analysis Of The Scene ' Thirst Of Kill ' From City Of God ' Essay

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In the scene “Thirst to Kill” from City of God (Fernando Meirelles & Katia Lund, 2002) we get a glance into Li’l Ze’s horrific childhood and witness how he developed and satisfied his desire to kill. The film faultlessly captures his desperate hunger for power and thirst to kill with the use of lighting, editing, sound, mise-en-scene, and cinematography to implicitly suggest that Li’l Ze’s lack of positive influences, lack of basic necessities, and lack of respect as a child ultimately skewed his perception of respect to the point he became a bloodthirsty sociopath.
The scene starts with Li’l Ze walking into Blacky’s house uninvited. Blacky calls him “Li’l Dice” which he immediately reject, and gives us his new name, “L’il Ze.” The scene quickly transitions into a flashback, in which it is explained that “Lil Dice” had been his nickname throughout childhood. When Li’l Ze rejects his childhood nickname, that is symbolic of him rejecting his childhood. His nickname, “Li’l Dice” carries implicit meaning. Dice are objects commonly used as a symbol of playing with fate, the notion that your life choices are beyond your control. For him to be called “Dice” implicitly suggests that he was born into a life, where he had little to no control over where life would take him. This can be seen as a representation that all children born into poverty, just as L’il Ze was, have no control of what poverty will make of them.
In the flashback, it is revealed that throughout his childhood,…

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