Essay about Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Two sinners, both alike in their faults, stand on the scaffold together, one confessing his hidden darkness, and the other reliving her worst nightmare. Hester Prynne, shunned by the community, and Arthur Dimmesdale, an admired minister, both experience a journey of guilt and shame as a result of committing adultery. With the Puritan community’s close-mindedness, this is an unthinkable act. As a result, Hester is publicly humiliated and branded by her actions with a scarlet “A.” Unlike Hester, Dimmesdale conceals his secret in the depths of his dark heart. Because he is an adored minister, the Puritan community would never accuse him of committing such a crime; therefore, the admiration of Dimmesdale adds to his unbearable amount of shame. The image of sunlight in The Scarlet Letter symbolizes a positive light inside one’s heart, desired by sinners like Hester and Dimmesdale. Although the sunlight flees from those with secrets and darkness, it can be found with innocence and redemption. Pearl, as an innocent child, is thus able to experience her own happiness in the world. Hawthorne expresses the importance of sunlight in one’s life by showing the damaging effects that Dimmesdale encounters during his life of darkness. Through Hester’s transformation in the forest, and Dimmesdale’s confession to the community, both finally experience light as a form of relief. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter, the image of sunlight as satisfaction indicates that…

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