Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Ibis ' By James Hurst Essay

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In the story “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst a young child named Doodle, Formerly William Armstrong, is introduced who at first glance seems ordinary; however at a closer glance, he suffers from a rare disease that incapacitates him from daily activities. On the other hand, the narrator is Doodle’s brother, referred to as Brother, who simply wished for a brother who did not poorly represent himself. Unable to give in to the “humiliation”, Brother sets out to train his brother to reach the climax of his brother’s ability, which he believes will redeem his pride. The narrator’s point of view is heavily based upon pride, for example the training of Doodle is done in relation to Brothers pride. The author expresses the story through intricate literary elements that express the theme of pride can enhance or destroy life. Throughout The Scarlet Ibis James Hurst uses characterization, plot, and symbolism to represent the theme of prides effect on one’s life. Throughout The Scarlet Ibis the author uses characterization in order to illustrate and exemplary depth towards Brother. In the beginning, Doodle is born with raised skepticism from the birth doctor regarding his health related physicality. Brother, being ashamed of Doodle, feels Doodle is a liability and decides “It was bad enough having an invalid brother…so I began to make plans to kill him” (Hurst 60). With the absurd preposition an ideology is built with self-conscious views being portrayed towards brother. The author…

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