Analysis Of ' The Salem Witch ' Essay

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"Nortan, with dazzling insight and astonishing meticulous and detective work, takes us well past the surface explorations of Salem Village quarrels into the deeply complex story of what happened and why. This is a brilliant book, wonderfully conceived and executed, and it gives reality to the expression 'a landmark achievement." -Bernard Rosenthal, author of Salem Story. This book was very informative and very detailed.
You can tell just by reading this book that the author did a lot of research. Almost every other sentence is a quote from another book or resource. This book shares the story of what happened during the Salem Witch trials and provides intimate details. Norton, and several students assisted her in research for this book. Her book breaks down a number of Important and unknown details, especially about the accusers and confessors, and it includes a lot of good observations that are simply not available elsewhere. eighty-six. moreover, provide a useful guide in locating interesting statements made by the various people involved, and the notes also include succinct and thoughtful comments on the interpretations made by other historians.

This intensively researched book really laid out an exquisitely detailed day-by-day account one of American History 's most iconic mysteries. It was a bit overwhelming and long winded at times and probably wouldn 't be the best book to just newly learn of what happened. I only knew what I learned through my…

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