Analysis of the Running Man Essay

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Analysis of the Running Man

Sometimes there are hurdles in life that require great courage to overcome. We must utilize our inner strengths to motivate these courageous actions. Loren Eiseley sets an example of this in The Running Man- a chapter from his autobiography, All the Strange Hours. In this essay he reveals memories that show his lonely childhood which gives him the courage to overcome his problems. Loneliness is what ultimately sparks his courageous action later on in his life. "I remember the pacing, the endless pacing of my parents after midnight, while I lay shivering in the cold bed and tried to understand the words that passed between my mother and my father."(Eisley,337) This quote taken from the running man is
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It takes great courage for Eisley to return to his mother's grave. In an affect this completes the circle of his life. He starts out with his mother leaves and then returns. While visiting his mother's grave he comes to a realization that he too will be dying soon. "I murmured to myself and tried to tell her this belatedly: Nothing, mama, nothing. Rest. You could never rest. That was your burden. But now, sleep. Soon I will join you,..."(336) It also takes great courage for him to face his own death. As his courage leads him to bigger tings so does it bring him back to where it all began. At a wise age he returns to his mother, placing his hand on her grave stone he finally accepts the love she tried to give him. The courage it takes to return to a state of such lonely memories can not be fathomed by those who have not felt its intensity. There were many hurdles in life that Eisley overcame. These hurdles required great courage to overcome. His lonely childhood sparks his courageous actions, such as leaving home and discovering science and anthropology. It also took great courage for him to return to his mother and face his own death.

Eiseley, Loren. The Running

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