Analysis Of The Red String Of Fate

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Everyone often has this idea of a soul mate being their one true love, the person they are supposed to be with forever. However, sometimes a soul mate can be multiple people. Like a puzzle, souls fit together to help create the bigger picture of life and humanity. Sometimes soul mates are people who enter another’s life for all different reasons; sometimes they are not romantic, but rather put into people’s lives in order to help them find themselves and become the people they need to be in order to impact another’s life. Soul mates can have a mutual relationship that can also help the soul grow, not just the heart; so, a romantic relationship between soul mates is not the only case. As people go through life searching for meaning, they should …show more content…
This string may get tangled and knotted but it will never break, which infers the speculation that fate is already decided and difficult to change but easy to manipulate. This story portrays not only romantic soul mates but also people who are destined to meet and keep a part of their lives for a bigger purpose. The legend of the Red String of Fate is told in order to inspire the idea that “once [the old man under the moon] has bound [someone] to [their] soul mate [their] destiny is set, no matter what [we] think” (Wirawan 4). This is where the idea of the red string comes in; the old man under the moon binds two people together at the beginning of time. Sometimes friends can be separated for some reason and never communicate until years later, and sometimes the friendship can easily pick up right where it left. While sometimes it may take a little while longer but they have entered the person’s life for a reason, even if the reason is unbeknownst to either of them. This is where the idea of reincarnation could enter because soul mates may truly only be two people who are reincarnated to meet each other over and over again, each encounter controlled by fate. Fate decides when the soul mate is needed in someone’s life and, whether it is the same person just reincarnated or not, they are put into someone’s life to make a difference, an impact that could be for better or for

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