The Real Estate People Case Study

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Clarissa Rigas boasts a decade of experience in the real estate industry, with her partner Peter Tzellos working alongside her for the last six. Both have been the recipient of numerous, highly esteemed awards in their years of service. In addition, their positive demeanour and honest approach to business has garnered a huge client following. All of their clients can testify to their glowing character traits: honest, innovative, loyal, hardworking, humorous and family oriented.

Together, Clarissa and Peter bring unrivaled business talents and specialty knowledge of the industry to the table. After years together, they came to the sudden realization that, by working together, they could create a revolutionary real estate empire. They could channel their energies into a business that puts client satisfaction ahead of profits, and provides their wonderful clients with the outstanding service they deserve. From that realization, their industry leading real estate firm, The Real Estate People, was born.

Their unbridled passion for real estate stems from one simple question: “What does real estate mean to us?” For The Real Estate People, a home is where stories are made, families are raised, and the true meaning of life may be found. They know that many have lost faith in the industry, and they are determined to bring that faith
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They’ll be looking to grow their team in the near future, and hope to find others who are more committed to client satisfaction than profits. Most importantly, they want to work with others who are invested in the growth of The Real Estate People, and who wish to see genuine, caring real estate services expand their reach. The hope is that The Real Estate People will one day develop the same dedicated, close knit client base that Clarissa and Peter have already come to

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