Analysis Of The Reading ' A Living Call ' Essay

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Intro and Thesis:
In the Reading of “A Living Call” by Rafael, Luévano he depicted in Mexico the hundreds of women who have gone missing or have been murdered by men. The main cause of this is globalization, which created that NAFTA put our factories in Mexico for cheap labor. This caused women to go to these areas for jobs, but live in slums outside of the factories. Another cause is the lack of law enforcement, because most are dealing with the drug trafficking which causes them to oversee everything else. Lastly, women who trying to change gender roles are often killed, because Mexico has a male-centered culture. I think we can reduce assault and murder on women, because women are being targeted for trying to reach equality; and by helping the Mexican government we can eliminate these issues from being overlooked. Women deserve to be treated equal to men, and should not be harmed for trying to do so.

Synthesis: Luévano included a story about how women are targeted within this society, and if they don’t abide by the laws they would be without a job. “The case of Sagrario González-Flores helps show how poverty, marginalization, and gender discrimination have made women vulnerable” (Luévano, 69). Sagrario was targeted because she was a young, and beautiful woman. “Prior to receiving their paycheck each Friday, women workers were photographed, for reasons never explained to them. After being photographed the first time, Sagrario’s work schedule changed. She no…

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