Analysis Of The Purnell Model For Cultural Competence

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The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence has theories that are important to intervention evaluation research because: it healps the development of the intervention and provide education to how it works(Brathwaite, 2002). The model also uses other disciplines such as linguistics, economics, history, religion, pharmacology, nutrition ecology, biology, physiology and anatomy, psychology and sociology (Purnell, 2013). Framework is an essential supporting structure which is much needed to have results of skills, better attitudes and increased knowledge. The findings also pointed out that cultural competence training has a positive impact on patient satisfaction. Purnell accomplished both of these, theory and framework, with his model that is …show more content…
It is very strong in some parts of the world and is taken serious. This is where the providers get to know the background of someone. Just don’t assume they came here with a good life. What about their reasons why they are here and if they had to leave family behind. Their beliefs on health may sway from the “norm” so it is critical to understand them and what they believe in to handle situations that may arise. This is also important when treating someone because of their beliefs. Remember with all the subcultures within their own culture can be different so asking, learning, and providing the best care possible is important for trust and safety of the patient and …show more content…
Where that person is born to how acceptable the behavior plays a factor. Nutrition is also known to play a role in the culture and health of a person. What they eat makes a difference on which they are what they believe in. Food can mean so much more than just food and must be asked about. Some have rituals they must follow with pregnancy and child bearing practices to the point of not accepting the woman or child back into the home. Pride is unbelievable and will take preferences in some cases.
Death rituals and Spirituality is a touchy subject especially when the provider doesn’t known their own beliefs. How death is viewed and what is practiced after death is different. Some people morn and some party for a month in the honor of the relative. Whichever it is we must be aware and embrace it. Don’t look down upon the different just learn from them and absorb the knowledge for better care on the next person.
Health care practices and Health care practitioners is an area that needs to be paid attention to detail. Their end of life decisions can never be assumed. Not all believe in a doctor some take folk or biomedical route. Providers need to understand how to treat otherwise can be wasting time and effort instead of going right to the right practices to treat or

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