Analysis Of The Poisonwood Bible, By Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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Orleanna’s House of Guilt In Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Poisonwood Bible, Nathan Price, the father to four daughters and husband to Orleanna Price, brings his family on a missionary trip to the Congo. Their daily routines of residing in the Congo require hard work for survival, whereas in Georgia, life necessities like water and food are easily given. Although the Price family has left their home in Georgia, it is Orleanna who believes that as long as she is able to care for her family, she is at “home.” However, her idea of “home” eventually becomes her weakness, for the increasing dangers of the Congo forces Orleanna to put everyone’s lives before hers. “Home” to Orleanna holds the idea that she is able to take care of her family, including her husband; however, it is this notion that causes her to feel guilty over Ruth May’s death. As Orleanna cares for her mentally abusive husband, it is her will to stay with him that initially builds the feeling of guilt inside her. During Nathan’s early life, he becomes an extreme devote to God. However, he misinterprets God’s ways of compassion and selflessness; instead, he demonstrates self-righteousness and selfishness. He strongly believes that women, including his daughters, are not meant to go to college, for they are needed to cook and clean, as Orleanna does for Nathan and the children. Regardless of Nathan’s behavior, Orleanna chooses to stay with him for over 20 years. If Orleanna’s idea of “home” is putting her family…

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