Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Xiv : Every Day You Play '

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Pablo Neruda’s exploration and travels throughout the world in locations such as Chile, Singapore and Myanmar, ignited his fascination for nature, which becomes a major motif in many of his poems particularly those pertaining to his multiple love affairs. In Neruda’s poetry he highlights his infatuation with nature by comparing it to his romantic relationships. In the work The Poetry of Pablo Neruda by Pablo Neruda, the poems “XIV: Every Day You Play” and “XVI” from the collection One Hundred Love Sonnets, Neruda personifies nature to act as a muse to compare the uncontrollable essence and mystery of nature to relationships.
The natural world operates under a set of rules and spectrums that are mostly unknown to man and uncontrollable, and this sense of unpredictability alarms Neruda but also challenges him and thus this unpredictability is seen in his relationships. In the poem titled “XIV: Every day You Play”, Pablo Neruda employs imagery of the natural world to highlight the uncontrollable essence of love, as well as personifying nature to act as a love interest in his poetry. Throughout the poem, the speaker compares nature to all stages of a romantic relationship. He begins the poem with a peaceful tone to mirror the start of a relationship, which is stressed through the use of lighthearted imagery such as “You play with the light of the universe” (1). These lines encapsulate the child-like innocence that the speaker feels towards the start of the relationship, as he…

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