Analysis Of The Poem ' Wit ' Essay

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I enjoyed reading the play, Wit. It touched on the importance of human interaction and how we choose to live our lives. The ending, even though Vivian dies gave the reader comfort. I feel Edson’s writing is very intriguing; I like the different layers within the play and her choice of words.
The main character Vivian is very intelligent and witty. I liked how she spoke to the audience though out the play. It gave me a feeling of interaction and insight about what she was thinking. She displayed a very heartbreaking realization as she approaches her death. I think we all would reflect on our lives in her situation. Although she was well educated on death and dying through her studies of the Donne Sonnets Vivian needed help in her final days. I liked how the play depicted Vivian’s death and what might occur after our soul leaves our body.
I also liked Nurse Susie Monahan. She is a very devoted caring nurse who looked out for Vivian. Susie showed compassion even when Vivian was unable to respond by talking calmly to her and rubbing lotion on her hands. She also gave her dignity after her death by standing up for her wishes and canceling the code.
The male characters in the play I wasn’t as fond of. I felt both Dr. Kelekian and his senior resident Jason Posner treated Vivian more as a research subject than a patient. Although there interactions with Vivian were important to show the reader that compassion and support are accentual for the patient.
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