Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Wars '

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Imagine this, your 25-year-old son is in war, fighting for the sake of your country and your people. You are finally about to reunite with him after a long wait for his return. Imagine this, you receive a knock at your door 1 week before you were promised that your son, who is fighting for war, will be returning back home safely. Someone you’ve never met before tells you the most devastating news and before you know it, your son will not be returning home ever again. Imagine how this would feel, because this is exactly what happened to our English poet and soldier, Wilfred Owen.

Good morning/afternoon. It is my great pleasure and honor to be with you all today. My name is Basma Noor and I am here standing before you all, pleading to the world leaders to bring an end to wars all around the globe. Wars are horrific in nature and can have devastating consequences to those who take part in them as well as the families and loved ones of the participants of war. Wars have always been around and it seems that we have still not learnt the destruction that wars bring about to our lives and the world that we live in. Thankfully, we do have people like Wilfred Owen who are the few voices that remind us about what the realities of war. In his poems “Insensibility” and “Dulce Et Decorum est”, Owen exposes a side of the war that governments usually try to conceal from the society.

Let’s begin with exploring the context of Owen and what drove him into discussing about the reality of…

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