Analysis Of The Poem ' Waka Flaka Flame ' Essay

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On Wednesday, April 20th, I attended a small formal concert at Webster Hall. It was the annual Hunter College USG Spring Fling event; last year featured a performance by Fetty Wap, A very popular up and coming hip-hop artist. This year, Hunter students had the pleasure of seeing Oxymorons, the opening act and Waka Flaka Flame, the main performer. Waka Flaka Flame is a hip-hop artist who has been active in the scene since 2008. He is known for his popular hits “No hands”, “Round of Applause” and “Hard in the Paint”. Waka Flaka Flame is from Atlanta, Georgia where the ‘Dirty South’ style of Hip Hop was born. The main characteristics of Dirty South style (a subgenre of hip hop) are lyrics that are straightforward with a heavy use of slang. The beats tend to be very exuberant, overly exciting and live with energy. The music tends to make you want to get up and dance or jump around. The songs from there capture the artist’s lifestyles, car culture, fashion trends, nightlife, and unique lingo. Most dirty south artists first release their music as mix tapes before exploding onto the hip-hop scene. I was extremely skeptical at first about attending this performance, but after arriving at the venue and observing the audience and the performers, I gained a complete understanding about what Black Music is and why it’s so significant to our culture. The opening act, Oxymorons, is a street punk rock band that gave a resemblance to the rock band, Linkin Park, the punk rock band, Beastie…

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