Analysis Of The Poem ' Two Years Are Better Than Four ' Essay

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Taking the Path Less Traveled Makes All the Difference In the words of Liz Addison’s essay, “Two Years Are Better Than Four,” she emphasizes the benefits of community college before attending a university, saying “The philosophy of the community college and I have been to two of them, is one that unconditionally allows its student to begin.” In Addison’s essay, she explains that the community college system is the better route to take than attending a four year university program right away as many people do right out of high school. Addison uses the memories and thoughts of “Mr. Perlstein from the University of Privilege” to justify her beliefs of community colleges. Community college gives the students a place to begin their educational and personal journeys.
At the same time, the essay, “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, in which he argues that people that are labeled as “street smart,” should pursue an education because their abilities can be used to their advantage in the classroom. Graff stresses that students with street smarts have the ability to think critically about the environment around them and apply that which they’ve learned to their advantage. According to Graff, students should only be expected to put their effort into subjects that they find themselves interested in. Each of these essays emphasized the importance of everyone receiving some form of education greater than high school. As stated by Addison and Graff, I believe hard work comes in…

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