Analysis Of The Poem ' Twelve Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird '

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After much confirming and decoding, we have established the meanings this poem gives us. This poem, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” right off the bat we can see before each stanza is separated by roman numerals. This poem says what it means, and it says what it sees. The interpretation of this difficult looking poem is very much straight forward. As there are thirteen roman numerals describing ways of looking at a blackbird. The view of a blackbird, more commonly we say this blackbird is a crow. As concluded in the first stanza, our blackbird is flying over twenty snowy mountains. Which we know is not quite possible if we were to view it as a human, it’s viewed first person as a bird. And an exaggeration is presented in this first verse, a hyperbole. Since it isn’t just the eye of the blackbird moving.
The second part we have a simile, comparing three minds with a tree. Many poets as I know it, tells us that the branches of a tree meaning many possibilities can or may not happen. When I think of three minds, I would think it’s related with the three states of mind. Involving the emotional, reasonable, and wise minds and many outcomes can open up when the three are combined.
Into our next stanza, “The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds,” it informs us that our black bird the crow is traveling. It tells us it’s just a small part of it’s dramatic performance, when it’s really the crow is soaring among the winds of autumn being extraordinary playful.
In our…

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