Analysis Of The Poem ' Trumpet Player ' By Langston Hughes Essay example

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Langston Hughes is an extraordinary poet and has a way of making words flow whimsically to the beat of his own drum. I am very familiar with his poetry style so I chose to analyze “Trumpet Player”. At first glance I notice there are a total of six stanzas in this poem, but there is not a set pattern for the stanzas. There are eight lines in the first four stanzas but the last two stanzas only have six lines. The lines are enjambment and the thoughts continue to roll over to the next line. There is not a set amount of words or syncopated rhythm per line which leads me to believe the poem is free verse. As a reader it is hard to catch the rhyme of the poem because there are multiple lines that end in the same suffix. As a listener you hear the rhythm of the poem which allows you hear the emphasis of the rhyme in the fourth and eighth lines of the first four stanzas. Once you get to the last two stanzas of the poem the rhyme shifts to help deliver the narrators theme to the listener. There are only six lines so you would think the rhyme would fall on the third and sixth line but it does not. The last two stanzas do not have a set pattern. For example Langston Hughes rhymed the 33rd line with the 37th line:
The Negro with the trumpet at his lips
does not know upon what riff the music slips (32-33, 36-37)
The poem is an observation of an individual and tells a story so the poem would be considered a narrative.

Part II: Explication
This poem is about a trumpet…

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