Analysis Of The Poem ' Traveling Through The Dark ' Essay

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“Traveling Through The Dark” is filled with drama and plot twists. It is a poem that really does convey a story in a candid, straight-forward way. I am not even a big poetry but I found that this poem really drew me in and kept me there. This poem is about that split second when nobody is watching. The instant where we could turn our backs and walk away from our duties without any direct, personal consequences (except the sense of right and wrong). We get to put ourselves in the speaker 's shoes and ask ourselves what we would do. The action all takes place on a mountain road at night. When a driver stops to pull a dead deer out of the road, he bumps into something unanticipated that makes him contemplate some big problems about mortality and nature along the road of life. In this poem Stafford uses the title, subtle false rhyme scheme techniques, and setting elements to give the poem a feeling of gloominess. As I read this poem it sparked up some old feelings I had when I was at a crossroad on whether or not to have an abortion. Stafford gives us a pretty straight forward title. The title sets the scene both accurately and thematically. It also gives a sense of gloominess and mystery. When you are traveling in the dark it is pretty hard to see where you are going and it is difficult to choose the right path. Stafford wants us to realize that as we read the title. When the title reoccurs in first line of the poem, it gets more grounded in the word for word storyline of…

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