Analysis Of The Poem ' The Wedding ' Essay

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Daily life is full of un-expecting and surprising, things which is happening sometimes might be unforgettable. And one of mine is the day before cousin’s wedding. She is my oldest uncle’s daughter, her name is Janice and she was 24 years old( her husband calls David . We have grown up living together, we are as close as an arm and leg so her wedding is a very special occasion to us. My family is a very big and tradition family which contains five smaller families and our house was built like an apartment. According to our family tradition, the day before the couple’s wedding, the bride must stay in her house with all her relative to wait for the groom and on that day, the groom and his family will come to the bride’s house to pick up his future wife.
However, as elder said, challenges must be set for the groom in order to let he knows his wife is hard to get and learn to treasure his wife.
That day is on 11th of December 2012, I remembered everyone in the house woke up very early to prepare for everything, I was the one who woke up latest because actually I am the youngest in the family so things had been done for me. People was busy to dressed up checking traps that were set, and I did help them watching for the ‘incoming groom’. That morning, Janice woke up very early for dressing up and it was a miracle to me that she spent three hours just to make up and that moment I understand a girl’s beauty is more important than her life.( I could get hemorrhoids for sitting still…

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