Analysis Of The Poem ' The Way Jackson ' Essay

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Whether the reader is aware of it or not, abnormally long sentences such as the one written above capture attention and inform the reader that there is something here that they ought to pay attention to. In contrast, Link uses short, simple sentences in the vernacular to get the same point across. She writes, “’You need to come at the house from between the trees,” Fran said. ‘Right on the path. Otherwise, you don’t get nowhere near it. And I don’t ever use but the back door’” (Link, 29). These sentences inform the reader of the same thing that Jackson’s sentence does, that there is something different about what is happening, they just do it by telling it simply in comparison. The way Jackson and Link write their stories may be slightly different, but both develop a tone that prepares the reader for the fabulist elements to come. American fabulism commonly relies on folklore and myths as the backbone for the fantastic elements it incorporates. This is apparent in both “The Main in the Woods” and “The Summer People,” but it is most obvious in the latter. While it is true that it is not until later in the story that the reader is introduced to the ethereal aspect of the story, upon a closer look it can be found that there are pieces of it sprinkled throughout, hinted with sentences like, “It’s like another world, you know” (Link, 11). In this story, Link falls back on bits and pieces from Irish folklore about faeries as the fabulist element. This is first introduced in the…

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