Analysis Of The Poem ' The Things You Won 't Know Can 't Hurt You '

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“The things you won’t know can’t hurt you”. In the poem, “First Poem for You,” written by Kin Addonozio, we explore the mind of a person who is deeply in love, but seems confused about the relationship she is in with her partner. We do not know if the narrator is a woman, or a man, but the way the narrator expresses herself seems like a woman; since woman seem more intimate about relationships. The woman takes us to a world where she compares her love to her lovers’ tattoos. Even though she is scared of not being permanent in his life, she lets us know how she will continue to try, but try in “darkness.” Today I will show you the significance of this poem by interpreting symbols, and show you how this woman is in love with her partner, but may be confused about the love she can’t see.
Starting with the style of the poem, which is a sonnet. At first I did not notice any type of rhyming or pattern, since some thoughts seem incomplete. However, the more I read it, I noticed how there are rhyming patterns in the end of every other line, which makes it a sonnet. The title “First Poem for You,” demonstrates how it may be the first time the woman opens up to her partner. Might she be expressing herself for the first time since they are going through a rough time in their relationship? Or is she finally comfortable enough that she is able to finally open her feelings towards him?
In the first sentence the woman says, “I like to touch your tattoos in complete darkness.” Darkness…

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