Analysis Of The Poem ' The School Days Of An Indian Girl ' Essay example

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“The melancholy of those black days has left so long a shadow that it darkens the path of years that have since gone by. These sad memories rise above those of smoothly grinding school days.” This quotation depicts the emotions of many young Native American students that attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. The infamous boarding school was opened in 1880, to assimilate the Native people of the “white” country that was once theirs. Carlisle had a prodigious significance in the depreciation of the Native American culture. An abundance of individuals attended the institution, leaving their roots behind along with their families. One of the many individuals that had to experience this trauma was Zitkala-Sa. In Zitkala-Sa’s memoir, “The School Days of an Indian Girl”, she reveals the demeaning and melancholy struggles of attending the school. As the reader intakes her meaningful words they are enlightened about the actual effects of this piece of history that still has effect today. In this renowned body of work Zitkala-Sa speaks of her personal experiences in the boarding school. In its historical context, the White Americans have already colonized most of the country and their next mission was to make the “others” obey and adopt the lifestyle of the majority population. Culture is a concept that every group of people takes pride in. Native Americans were stripped of their identity when they were stripped of their culture. The stripping of their identity had a mental,…

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