Analysis Of The Poem ' The Roses ' Essay

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Roses bringing on a New Society
Roses have often been the iconic picture of love and femininity. Throughout the last few centuries, it has been expected of men to bring these flowers with thorny stems to their loved ones, whether it be their lover or mother. It would not be “normal” for a woman to do the same for a man, because roses or flowers in general are objects of women that celebrate their tenderness and innocence. The beautiful, untouched, innocent rose is depicted differently in Elizabeth Gaskel’s book North and South. The Rose is often referenced to in the novel in parallel with Margaret Hale. In the beginning of the novel, she is found picking up roses and adding them to her gown. These roses are in full bloom and beautiful. However, when she moves to Milton, her perspective of the roses she sees changes. "You must prepare yourself for our drawing-room paper. Pink and blue roses, with yellow leaves!" (VII) This cheap wallpaper represents a parallel between her thoughts of the town and their people. As North and South develops more, there is another association of roses with Margaret when Mrs. Hale and Margret get into a fight about her brother. "Her sharp Damascus blade seemed out of place and useless among rose-leaves" (374). In the end, Thorton, her soon to be fiance, brings her dead roses. These dead flowers represent the “death” of the old society, and the birth of something completely new. This new society is brought about by a clear development and…

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