Analysis Of The Poem ' The Poor Singing Dame ' By Mary Robinson

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The Romantic Period lasted from 1785-1832. During this time, the Democratic Revolution in France launched, which was the French Revolution. This revolution caused and shaped the Romantic period to be political, social, and economic with all three drastic changes. During the Romantic Period, many authors wrote poems, with a lot of emotion of love, passion and strong messages that we can now relate with in this livelihood. The two works I selected to work with caught my attention because both poems showed a lot of suspense and were similar in various ways. The first poem I choose is “The Poor Singing Dame” by Mary Robinson while the second Poem is by an unknown author “The Daemon Lover”. Both authors illustrated Gothic elements with great detail, painting a perfect picture in my mind. In the Romantic Period there were no TV’s, therefore when I read both of poems I read in a matter as if I had once lived in that era and tried to imagine every object and situation. I connected with the poems and enjoyed more as well as understand the message behind both of the poems. There is a saying that states money is the root of all evil; however it is all other circumstances perfectly aligned with money that causes those unfortunate beings misery and even lead to death.
In the Poem, “The Poor Singing Dame by Mary Robinson, the two characters, the Lord of the Castle “a Proud Surly Ruler”, and The Old Dame woman were different in every way. The lord owned an old castle and lived…

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