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When writing a poem a poet can twist a subject into whatever perspective they see fit.
While Kilee Greethurst wrote her poems based on her experiences she opened up her thoughts and feelings to give the readers a wall of emotion and imagery. In order to portray these feelings of happiness and romance, she used the concept of bliss as her overall theme. All of Greethurst’s poems revolve around the idea of a blissful state of mind, creating a theme of happiness and love.
Throughout Greethurst’s writings, there seems to be a story about a girl from when she was in her adolescent years to when she grows older. She starts out as an innocent and joyful little girl until she grows up and finds romance and love. She goes through a fit of emotions as she ages and matures. Finally, in the last poem, she is an elderly woman and loses her true love to old age, and remembers all of her wonderful memories with them. Overall, Greethurst tells the story of a girl through blissful feelings and memories.
According to the online dictionary, theme is a broad topic that can vary from subject and perspective (“Theme”). Greethurst uses this to her advantage as she applies a theme of bliss in its many shapes and forms. In her first poem, “Laughter,” she explains how laughter is freeing and uplifting, which triggers happy emotions and intrigues the reader. As she continues she uses her minute poem to her advantage in “I’m a Firm Believer in You” to expose the reader to romantic…

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