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The Theme of Isolation in the Poems of Robert Frost

Poetry is a form of literary work that is reflective with meaning and transcribed using a variety of themes to often reflect everything from nature to social, economic and political concerns. The theme of a poem can be stated clearly, but more often is interlaced obscurely inside the words through the use of imagery and metaphors requiring close reading to determine the predominant idea. Over the years, there have been an incredible number of extraordinary poets whose works focused on a variety of themes. For this essay, the focus is on the works of the twentieth century great American poet, Robert Frost. Frost used common language and realistic life to convey complex social and philosophical themes in his poems. Isolation is one of the most profound themes throughout Robert Frost’s poetry as manifest in the two poems, “Out-Out” and “Acquainted with the Night,” among many others found in the literature book. Taking a closer examination of Robert Frost’s works, we can ascertain the copious imagery and metaphors that exude the theme of isolation. In Frost’s contemporary sonnet, “Acquainted with the Night”, we discover a dreary and lonely poem seemingly expressing distance and detachment. The speaker of the poem is walking out past the city lights on a rainy night describing the sights and sounds that disconcertingly echo a sense of inner-isolation and loneliness. In lines one and fourteen, “I have been one acquainted…

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