Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The On Bethlehem '

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Slouching Towards Bethlehem is a collection of pieces mainly about life in America—particularly California but it is “anchored by—in sentiment, concern, and tone—by the final essay, Goodbye to All That.” The essay is a detailed account of her experience in New York City and ostensibly about her decision to leave New York as she realized it was no longer her home. But more than that it is an essay about growing up and gaining wisdom. Obviously, growing up means something different for every person, but for Didion it meant realizing that her personal comfort far outweighed the attempt to live the life you are supposed to live—a life that other people would be impressed by. To describe moments that compromised her New York life, Didion portrays herself as an observer on her own life. She goes over minute details that change over time. As her story went on her views changed and between sometime her enchantment with New York dulled and she felt almost trapped in a world where nothing seemed to change. The essay truly reflects Didion’s transition between youth and adulthood and the newfound wisdom she seemed to gain on her life and New York.
Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment and “in its primary sense denotes the knowledge that comes with experience and is consequently often associated with age and the process of ageing .” As Aristotle says “a man of practical wisdom must be able to deliberate well about the things that are good…

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