Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night ' Essay

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During our two weeks of fishing, rowing, picnicking, hiking, and general delight we were completely at home with the Jenningses; it was late in the season and there were few other guests, though I remember a group [of] men from Alliance, Ohio, who caught many fish and in solemn seriousness posed all the fish and themselves against a backdrop of a sheet and had mother photograph them, I still have the picture (?). Lynette Powell came over one evening and played the violin; I was starry eyed. I think the Hermon Kelleys were on their island. Henry Jennings usually guided us, a very companionable and woodswise [sic] friend. This practice continued for many years – for [day] trips and also overnight camping trips, but he always stipulated that mother bring pies (her pies were paramount). She would bring a pie for each meal, separately wrapped in their tins in newspaper, and stacked in a galvanized bucket. I can see Maudie now, wearing (she always did on the trail) a cravenette raincoat dating from her trousseau, with puffy leg- of-mutton sleeves (she said the raincoat kept the brambles from catching). Underneath she wore (ample) khaki knickers, and from her belt hung a dilapidated fat black purse which contained as many necessities and surprises as Mama Swiss-Family Robinson was always providing. A floppy big straw hat topped her off, and I can see her now, short and plump, her tiny little feet in heeled leather shoes (anything else gave her rheumatism) plodding through the bush…

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