Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night ' Essay

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Sarah reached for John and lead him behind the tipi as soon as the crowd decended on Mr. Qui. She peeked around the corner, watching for any stragglers. Everyone busied themselves with the food, setting out plates or with some other activity. She twitched two fingers and motioned for John to crouch down then they scurried behind the house, before running to the barn.
A horse nayed as the door sung open. John caught an answering naay in his throat. It wouldn 't do to flirt with the fillies.
John rubbed his nose as hay, sweat and horse assulted his apendage. His eyes swelled and tears formed in his eyes and produced double vision. Two Sarah 's giggled in front of him.
"My surpise," Sarah murmered. She pulled his hand and entered the first stall. A pony nickered a greeting as his spotted appaloosa head turned to the intruders. He shook his mane and nudged closer to Sarah and brushed her cheek with his lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered to him.
"Shh, that 's a good boy."
"What about me?" John asked. He 'd never touched a horse. He 'd only been one. Naay.
The pony whined and stomped his feet before Sarah quieted him down with her words.
John stilled at the beautiful scene. Picture perfect Sarah, in her short white dress and shimmering bordello, smiled as she grazed her hands along the pony 's jaw. Her eyes fluttered at him, and a lazy grin escaped her lips.
"You get the special treatment tonight." She poured a cupful of feed into the…

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