Analysis Of The Poem ' The Next War ' Essay

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An individual is powerless against the larger power of society, ultimately it is something they will succumb to and face. In The Book Thief the story follows Liesel and her life in Nazi Germany as she encounters several victims and abusers of power. The poem The next war is a soldiers poem during describing his experience with death and fatality. Finally in an interview The Sins of the Father is both an interview that gives us insight into the psyche and trauma of Martin Burnham. Power demonstrative in the texts through a series of techniques that reflect the victims and users of power.
The text ‘The Book Thief’, demonstrates power can either create fear or ignorance to the cause. Hans Jnr the son of Hans Hubermann is under the heavy influence of the Nazi party and sticks strongly by their belief of a complete Nazi regime that would cleanse the country. The personification in “it’s pathetic – how a man can stand by and do nothing as a whole nation cleans out the garbage as it makes itself great again” is demonstrative of the misguidance caused by the Hitler Youth and its grasp upon young minds. Hans Jnr stands strongly by his belief that Germany will have a great future and that Jews are the source of Germany’s misfortune. His insult to his father reflects his weak and ignorant perspective on the issue, accusing him for being a coward for not supporting Hitler, yet in Nazi Germany, it would take much more bravery to defy Hitler and defend the Jews than it would to follow of…

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