Analysis Of The Poem ' The Negro Mother ' By Langston Hughes Essay

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In modern literature the constant struggle of racism is frequently portrayed and the reader can be encouraged by those who stand up for themselves. The theme I have chosen to analyse is ‘how racism motivates people to not give up.’ Texts that show this theme are Caught in the Crossfire by Alan Gibbons, 12 Years a Slave the autobiography by Solomon Northup, the film, Nelson Mandela: Walk to Freedom directed by Justin Chadwick and the poem The Negro Mother written by Langston Hughes.
The novel Caught in the Crossfire is set after the 9/11 tragedy. British whites in Oakfield were persuaded that it was time to get back their rights from the Muslims. The Patriotic League was made up of leaders John Creed and Colin Stone. They returned to Oakfield, encouraging the citizens of Moorside to come together. John Creed reinforces the idea that a Peace Wall should be built in order to keep the communities and races separate. He puts forward this idea at a Patriotic League meeting presenting that “All we are saying is this: Catholic and Protestant had to be kept apart in Northern Ireland, why not Christian and Muslim here in Oakfield.” After this act is put forward, protests between the two communities of Oakfield commence, leaving one of The Triangle’s most popular restaurants The Gulam, vandalised by one of the many youth gangs of Moorside. When Tahir Khan says to his friends and family “You know what these gangs of Moorside need? A taste of their own medicine. This is war.” This helps…

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