Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Morning Is Full ' By Pablo Neruda

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Full of Emptiness
In today’s society there is the looming thought of absence in many things. For some it might be the absence of a parent or an education. However, in the poem “The Morning is Full,” Pablo Neruda expresses the heartbreak of the absence of a particular season, which points to the absence of complete love in his life. Pablo Neruda is a poet from Chile who constantly expresses his feelings by describing nature, ultimately pointing at the feeling of love. "Twenty love poems and the songs of despair," says "Neruda trusts and celebrates his senses and inextricably links his experiences, quite specifically, to the natural world he loves, the damp forest of Chile." Neruda looks at nature to be in touch with his senses, which ultimately puts him in touch with his feelings. His poem describes the despair for love and creates an imagery of absence of intimacy in his life.
Neruda expresses the absence of fulfilling love in his life by examining and revealing the feelings evoked by his senses, most of which are portrayed through descriptions of nature. The central problem is the absence of intimacy in Neruda’s life. There is an absence of particular senses of which he seems to crave more. In his poem fourth poem in his twenty poem series, "The Morning is Full," he says, "the morning is full of storm in the heart of summer." Summer is typically associated with sunshine, playfulness, and happiness. Neruda surprises his reader by pairing an image of summertime with a storm.…

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