Analysis Of The Poem ' The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock ' And Preludes '

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T.S Eliot was a man who was easily overwhelmed by his experiences. Language was his way of separating himself from life and upon reading his works people are able to access his thoughts and feelings through his imagery. This perspective of Jeanette Winterson’s aligns very closely with common similar perspectives that also feel that Eliot strived in his use of ‘luminous’ language to fully support his use of sensory imagery to express his emotions in his poetry. Eliot’s admirable use of language to deliver sensory imagery is notably seen in his poems, ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ and ‘Preludes’. Upon analysis of these texts, Eliot’s use of these literary techniques to share his thoughts and feelings on his experiences become very clear, presented through the ideas of uncertainty of self and confused sense of identity. These ideas run through the texts which help readers understand Eliot’s insight of these experiences.

Eliot has been through a notable experience in terms of his emotions about himself during his life. It is common to find many parts of his poetry that relate to the idea of uncertainty of self, where Eliot clearly suffers self esteem issues and thinks really deeply about social events. In his poem, ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’, there are a few quotes that really capture Eliot’s uncertain thoughts about himself, worded to really show the way in which he thought about situations. One of these thoughts of uncertainty can be seen in the quote, “In…

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