Analysis Of The Poem ' The Imaginary Invalid ' Essay

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The Imaginary Invalid
The Imaginary Invalid seemed to fall in the category of a comedy and is in a three act series. The time period this seems to have taken place was during the 1800s or when medicine was not advanced. The character list is as follows: Argan is interesting because he is always anxiously worried about his health and is always taking prescribed various medicines. Beline is Argans second wife. Angelique is Argans older daughter. Cleante is in love with Angelique. Louison is Argans daughter. Beralde is Argans brother. Toinette is the intelligent maid. Monieur Purgon is Argans physician. Monsieur Diafoirus is a physician of Argans acquaintance. Thomas Diaforius is the son of Diaforius whom just became a physician. Monsieur de Bonnefoi is a notary who advises Argan on how to bequeath assets to Beline. Singers and dancers also appear throughout the play. What occurs on the play is that Argan hates spending money on his medication. He looks for a doctor so his daughter can marry him in order to get free medication. During parts of the play Argan would play dead to see who really cared about him. A lot of messages were given to the audience.
The play starts off with Argan dealing with his monthly expenses for his treatment. The problem of the society is shown on the example of a hypochondriac man that over exaggerates or imagines his illnesses. He ends up neglecting his family’s needs to better his own and he needs to find out how to save money because the…

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