Analysis Of The Poem ' The Gypsy ' Essay

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For instance, in the poem “The Gypsy”, based on my interpretation after an amount of acceptable readings through the writing, Harrison, (author and narrator), talks about someone else’s daughter. The narrator is communicating the readers how “she arrives in a magic moment” to the unknown person’s life. This individual without identity that Harrison is referring to in the poem, was not expecting a daughter for sure, so he “turns away”. I guess either he did not care, or was not prepared for such a huge surprise. But, when he went back to the moment he met the girl, to the place he first saw her, there she was “ecstatic”. Maybe in that instant he realized that she was real and was not going to go away. The male character, probably reflected about his action and starts taking her everywhere he goes. After seventeen years he is still “unware” of the amazing and mysterious gift he got. Despite the fact of the man’s coldness in relation to his daughter, she teaches him “a thing” he “never knew”; meaning that he is learning from her every day. He is also starting to love her and it’s “a love that will last” “to the end.” Even though with time he is going to stop learning from the experiences with her, because she is going to make a life of her own and leave him, he will still remember her as his precious and “gentle gift”. Also, “there will be no end” to his love for her, no matter where she goes (37). Getting aside from the content of the poem and…

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