Analysis Of The Poem ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"Yes, of course, it 'll be like old times. Except this time our brothers won 't mutter about us. Won 't mutter about Amaimon and Samael being weird and hanging out all the time in the garden. Now we can hang out all we want." He smiled softly, hoping that Amaimon wanted to hang out a lot. All the time. Silence surrounded them suddenly and Mephisto spooked down "I 'm 's too much to ask...I 'm out of line..." He whispered, giving a small nod, expecting the next words out of his brother 's mouth to be no. No, of course not. Not after how he stared at him....yet after a long moment he said okay. Mephisto swallowed thickly, cheeks flooding with red, Amaimon was no better, blushing deeply. The earth kinh 's bright eyes fluttered closed, seemingly waiting quietly for the older demon. If that didn 't put an immense amount of pressure on him he didn 't know what did. Slowly, Mephisto reached out for the younger, cupping his cheek gently. He leaned in, feeling as if this was the most stressful thing he had ever done. He brushed their lips together, just slightly. It felt so, so right. So very right. He knew he shouldn 't push it...but he melted, pressing a bit more firmly, fingers tangling in Amaimon 's hair. He only held the kiss for a few seconds, no more than three, before he pulled away. God, how he longed to press forward again and kiss him, over and over and over. He sighed softly, his own eyes fluttering open since they too had closed "Otouto....that…

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