Analysis Of The Poem ' The Gold Sun ' Essay examples

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1) According to the “The Glosa – notes about the form” on Nexus, a glosa can be defined as a form or genre of poetry that pays tribute to another poet. The glosa derives from Spain, initially being created over 500 years ago. Throughout the 500 years of the glosa’s existence, different regions and historical periods have composed altering rules and requirements.
The requirements and rules of a glosa that P.K. Page abides by includes, picking four consecutive lines in a poem that she admires. The passage of the four lines chosen is called the cabeza, which typically sets the theme for the poem. In Page’s poem “The Gold Sun” she utilizes four lines from Wallace Stevens’ poem “Credences of Summer”. The four lines that inspire Page are:
[T]race the gold sun about the whitened sky
[W]ithout evasion by a single metaphor.
Look at it in its essential barrenness
[A]nd say this, this is the centre that I seek (10-40).
These lines compose the cabeza in Page’s poem “The Gold Sun”. Another requirement of a glosa is that it must be composed of four stanzas that include ten lines each. The tenth line of every stanza must be a line from the cabeza, for example in “The Gold Sun” the first stanza’s tenth line is “trace the gold sun about the whitened sky” (Page 10), and the second stanza’s tenth line is “without evasion by a single metaphor” (Page 20). The lines of the cabeza must be placed in the glosa in the same order as they were originally written. Page adheres to the rule of a…

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