Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dreamer ' Essay

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“The Dreamer”, as narrated by her son Junot Diaz, describes Mrs. Diaz’s childhood in the Dominican Republic struggling to achieve her dream. She desired an education and a better way of life from her oppressive environment. “The Cruel Country”, as narrated by her daughter Judith Ortiz Cofer, describes Mrs. Ortiz’s struggles with independence and longing for her homeland in Puerto Rico. These two children were inspired and captivated by their mothers in life and in memory. Mrs. Diaz grew up in the Dominican Republic, a repressed third world country with no hope of escape to a better life. Always dreaming and striving to change her life, she took drastic measures to get her education. As a result she endured years of abuse by her mother. “Your grandmother beat me almost every day,” my mother explained, “but I got my education” (Diaz 130). She later immigrated to New Jersey, to join her husband. There she settled into her new home never to return to that abusive environment. Mrs. Ortiz grew up in Puerto Rico, and she loved her homeland and her life there. Her husband was new to the U.S. Navy, and like all military families moving is a way of life. Hence, she was uprooted from her homeland and moved to New Jersey. Such is the life of a Navy wife. However, she was never happy there, always desiring to be around family, she would often take the children on frequent long visits to Puerto Rico (home to her). “All those years when she yearned for return” (Cofer 597). Mrs. Diaz is…

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