Analysis Of The Poem ' The Death Of Dr. Swift Essay

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If poets use language as musicians use musical instruments, Swift’s works would be a soundtrack of unpleasant, dissonant noises. Jonathon Swift, the premier satirist in English literature, does not poeticize the human experience with romance and beauty. He litters his poems, Description of a City Shower and The Lady’s Dressing Room, with filthy imagery and grotesque satire. The unconventionality of Swift’s poetry may be explained using his Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift. He begins this poem on the consideration of his own death with fellow author Rochefoucauld’s maxim, “In the misfortune of our best friends we always find something that does not displease us.” This morally skewed line inspired some of the late poet’s work, especially in Description of a City Shower and The Lady’s Dressing Room. The former focuses on the outcomes of a rainstorm in the city of London, and the latter attempts to uncover the mysteries of physical feminine beauty. In each of these, a tone of wry delight animates the poems’ otherwise scatological impurities found in humanity and reveals Swift’s considerations on his own stance in society.
Swift does not delay his lampoon in Description of a City Shower. This poem opens with the line, “Careful Observers may foretell the hour (By sure prognostics) when to dread a shower.” He follows with a list of warning signs that may foretell the impending doom of a rainstorm. The cat will quit its play, the humidity will cause the sewer to stink twice as…

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