Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Death Motif '

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The Death Motif in the Poems of Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson is one of the few still popular female American poets of the nineteenth century and she is the only woman, who has been admitted into the poetry canon. Why is that and how does her poetry differ from the poems of her contemporaries? I argue that her unconventionality, especially her interest in the death motif, is the key to her lasting popularity and success.
First of all, I want to talk about women´s role and their poetry in the nineteenth century to understand why Dickinson contrasts strongly with contemporary literature by women. Women who were writing at that time were very restricted in their work. They were not supposed to write for a public audience because they were expected to be pious, retiring and rather submissive than dominant (Walker 179). In fact, this restriction was not only applied to public, but to private writing as well. Besides, women most often did not have access to a higher education and therefore not to a professional career as well. As a consequence, women who did write publicly were highly criticized, especially because their poetic style contrasted with the contemporary literature by men (Gray xxx). However, the style of women´s writing was often quite akin, mainly because women often wrote in clubs or within a particular movement. In the Sunday school movement in the1830s, for example, a lot of poems for children were published, that were focussed on the religious and domestic…

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