Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dead '

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trochanter Through the short story “The Dead,” James Joyce composes a story focusing on the epiphany of Gabriel Conroy. The author cleverly uses literary elements to create the image of Gabriel Conroy, an average Dubliner locked into a routined life, then towards the end of the story, the climax occurs as this epiphany awakens him from the dead. Through the structure of the story and literary elements including: symbolism, character, conflict, setting, and theme, the author develops the image of an average life of a dubliner, so that he could convey the epiphany: those who are alive, but fail to live are the disillusioned, the self-destructive, and the unfruitful, who are “fading out into a grey impalpable world: the solid world itself, which these dead had one time reared and lived in” (Joyce).

James Joyce structures the story to introduce the conflict in the beginning of the story. Upon walking into the Morkan 's house, Gabriel is greeted by Lily with whom he politely converses, asking questions about school and weddings, only to receive bitter replies about men as she states, “[t]he men that is now is only all palaver and what they can get out of you” (Joyce). Lily 's reply is ungrammatical, plural noun…

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