Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dead ' By James Joyce

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The setting of “The Dead”, by James Joyce, exposes Gabriel’s concern for maintaining the balance between his scholarly and affluent appearance with his inner longings for acceptance and love. Prior to Gabriel’s arrival there was a lot of build up to him coming which suggests that there may be friction between him and the other guests at the party. Gabriel exhibits spurts of being narcotic and paranoid while being at the party because he truly does value what the other people think of him but does not want to disclose his need for acceptance. Even though the party is set in Gabriel’s aunts house he still does not feel at ease or comfortable with his relatives. All of the build up to Gabriel’s arrival plants a seed in the reader’s minds for what his character may be like, and his first impressions make an impact for the rest of the story. When Gabriel first gets to the party, he has an encounter with Lily, the caretaker’s daughter. He asks her if she will be getting married soon and she snaps back “The men that is now is only all palaver and what they can get out of you” (164). Gabriel was just trying to have friendly banter with Lily but her opinionated response catches him off guard. In order to correct his wrongs he gives Lily a large tip. This demonstrates how Gabriel relies on his wealth to get him out of uncomfortable situations. He does not want to leave any problems that could surface with Lily so he uses his prominent exterior characteristics to satisfy his interior…

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