Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Curse ' By Yeats

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In Adam’s Curse, Yeats captivatingly exposes Ireland’s migration away from true love to ‘new love’. Yeats enriches his poem with a story of his lost love with a ‘beautiful mild woman’, who has ‘grown weary-hearted’ of him as a result of this ‘new love’. He cleverly interconnects this narration with the reason behind Ireland’s shift away from true love; foreign influence, producing the malformed and distorted, ‘new love’. Communally, through this interconnection enriched with symbolism, imagery, and allusion; Yeats successfully exposes the dangers of ‘new love’, for it is an illusion, resulting in the emotional despondency of any who seek true love. From the first stanza, Yeats successfully exposes the reason behind Ireland’s shift away from true love. He describes how the
Stitching and unstitching [of poetry] has been naught / Better go down upon your marrow-bones / And scrub a kitchen pavement, or break stones / Like an old pauper, in all kinds of weather; / For to articulate sweet sounds together / Is to work harder than all these, and yet / Be thought an idler by the noisy set / Of bankers, schoolmasters, and clergymen / The martyrs call the world. (Lines 6-14)
The power of this excerpt reflects the strength Ireland’s foreign influence possesses over them. Throughout Yeat’s poetry, the foreign influence he commonly alludes to is Britain, for during the late 19th to early 20th century, they controlled their schooling system, and heavily influenced their religious…

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