Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Chaser '

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Veritas, relating to life, death, and time, is a universal literary theme, seen in many works of literature. The element of time is seen in “The Chaser” by John Collier, “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, “To the Virgins, To Make Much Of Time” by Robert Herrick, and “To a Young Girl at a Window” by Margaret Widdemer. The writers utilize symbolism to demonstrate the importance of spending time wisely, since the past cannot be undone.
Herrick writes his poem as an experienced person speaking to a young novice, in order to communicate the message of making good use of one’s time. The entire short poem concerns Herrick’s view that a young person should use the time they have now before it is too late. He uses a flower and the sun to demonstrate the importance of time. In the beginning of the poem, Herrick contends “And this same flower that smiles today/Tomorrow will be dying” (3-4). The flower’s life is a symbol for that of a person’s. The personification of the flower indicates that the flower smiles in its youth (today), and will be dying in its old age (tomorrow). Herrick implies a person in his/her youth should use their time now, because time is fleeting and tomorrow might hold death. The author also makes remarks about the sun, and “The higher he’s a-getting/The sooner his race be run/And nearer he’s to setting” (Lines 6-8). The sun is a symbol for the course of a human’s life. It as a metaphor, comparing the sun’s rotation to a human’s life. The farther along the…

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