Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Cemetery '

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The scorching hot sun was unforgiving and humidity encased the surrounding bystanders including myself. Sweat dripped down the length of my body and into places I absolutely didn’t want to think about. My clothes were quickly becoming second skin, clinging in the most uncomfortable way. Furthermore it didn’t help that I was dressed from head to toe in sunlight absorbing black clothing. The only comforting thing that kept me going was having the knowledge that I knew everyone who surrounded me was going through the same experience. A quick glance to my left, a woman fans herself with a white napkin and perspiration is clearly evident on her forehead. The smell of newly cut grass was prominent in the air mixed with a hint of body odors among fellow attendants. I shouldn’t be complaining because now I knew there were worse situations in the world.
Standing in Edgewood-Greenwood Cemetery was one of those repugnant affairs. The cemetery lot was surrounded with vivid green grass and tall tress heavy with thick grey decaying moss, providing a decent amount of shade over certain spots. The larger the tree, the more shade it had whereas a smaller tree there was less obscuration from the sun. I thought the scenery would be an excellent place to have a picnic, if only it wasn’t for all the different shaped headstones surrounding me along with three hundred other people. Large varieties of flowers surrounded all those marble and cement headstones. Even simple markers had traditional…

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