Analysis Of The Poem ' The Beggar ' Essay

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It was a chillier day than usual in the buzzing city of Manhattan. One could see the bare tree branches rocking back and forth as the wind pushed hard against them. It was a strong wind: one that felt piercing against Mathew’s sensitive cheeks. However, he proved that the persistent breeze was no match for his lighter, as he turned his back against the gust and continued to light a cigarette. He was following along on his stroll, when suddenly a man clothed in tattered attire, reeking of alcohol, approached him: a beggar. The man asked him in a rough, hoarse voice if he could have a puff of Mathew’s cigarette; Mathew was reluctant. The beggar, already giving up, proceeded to tell Mathew that he did not have enough money to buy a pack of his own, and if he would be generous enough to donate him some cash. Seeing this as an easy scapegoat, Mathew dug into the pockets of his torn jeans, searching for some money. However, he realized that he already spent the last of his paycheck on a supply on cigarettes. That’s when Mathew realized something; he was no better than the poor beggar on the street. Smoking is a very serious habit that unfortunately many people in today’s society are addicted to. Furthermore, it is harmful to an individual’s physical, emotional and financial health. Although quitting such an addiction is very difficult, it is wiser for one to abandon this dependency. The first thing people typically affiliate smoking with is lung cancer. Although, not every…

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