Analysis Of The Poem ' The Avenue '

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Ashgrove Avenue seemed longer with each forced step. Billie’s feet dragged across the roughly paved road. Every step drained her of motivation. The bruises reminded her why she was in so much pain; not because her arms, legs or head was throbbing but because no love was given. Her father was always too ‘busy’. Every time it would be something different; one day it would be work and the next would be another girl.

She put the devil’s stick between her lips, inhaled his ghastly breath and exhaled a cloud of thick smoke filled with nothing but toxins. She had let the devil into her head, into her lungs and into her heart. Blood stained her beautiful emerald gown while rum stained her thoughts. Deep, dark blues and purples were left on her porcelain skin. Lipstick was smudged from one side of her face to the other and mascara trickled down her cheek with every new tear.

The walk felt harder to achieve with every pant. At first she thought her ears were ringing, a loud buzzing noise. She then realised that it was coming from her pocket. Her father’s face popped up on the screen.
“Don’t you dare come back you worthless vermin!” he screeched.
“Where were you when I needed you? Huh? Always with another girl or to ‘busy’ to talk to me. What did I do for you to hate me so much? Did I annoy you by asking for you to give a damn? Was I not special enough? What makes me so worthless in your eyes?”
“You are a terrible daughter, Billie. Why don’t you just disappear?”
He hung up and she

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