Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' Thank Goodness Mr. Pratt '

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Keelan regarded the girl in stony silence. Doreen smiled and began to saunter about the room.
“Thank goodness Mr. Pratt is available to take you.” Doreen gave a dramatic shudder. “Although I have heard he is quite heavy-handed with his slave girls. Maybe with you as his bride, they will suffer a reprieve.” Keelan’s stomach twisted and she dug her fingernails into her palms to keep them from trembling.
Fear. It was something she kept pushing frantically to the far recesses of her mind. It was a dark, ragged monster invading her brain, forcing her to writhe and flail under its cold, contemptuous shadow. Only her anger at Landon Hart kept her from covering her ears, collapsing into the corner, and becoming nothing more than a limp pile of terrified mush.
It seemed Doreen had sensed Keelan’s fear and strove to feed it.
Keelan’s shoulders tightened as her cousin walked up and stopped in front of her.
Doreen studied her intently. “This may be the last time I view your face unmarred.” She whirled and skipped from the room.
Doreen was trying to crumble her pride and throw her into hysterics. Still, it was a long time before Keelan’s body stopped quaking. The uncertainty of her future mauled her mind and spirit.
She must move immediately. The only ship bound for Boston in the Charleston harbor was set to sail tomorrow at sunrise.
It was still her intention, and now the sole purpose of her life, to be aboard.


“I’ll not leave without ye!” Slaney crossed her…

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